As you are reading this article, your body’s stem cells are working to replace a wide range of your cells which are damaged or dying such as every two weeks for your skin. They are also creating new red and white blood cells and completing thousands of other tasks to maintain our life. In fact, they are our very own Personalized fountain of youth.

We all our made up of cells – Post our birth, our growth is determined by the activities of our stem cells – the ADULT Stem Cells. They are the start point from where all differentiated cells are generated for all body organs, visible and inside us, as also the bones giving us shape and the blood that flows through us. ADULT Stem Cells

It is, therefore, very important for all of us to understand about Adult Stem Cells and the need for maintain them in a Healthy State for a Healthy Life. There is a continuous effort among the medical researchers to continue to decipher newer information about them every day. The medical advancements cover a wide spectrum of benefits that have started to impact our daily life. The advent of Regenerative Medicine, Personalised Medicine and Precision Medicine are some of the newer medical domains resulting from such ongoing advancements. Medical Advancements

HEMATO is a Comprehensive Stem Cells Platform providing a range of approved and globally accepted advancements in the area of transplantation for those in need along with an exclusive PREDICTIVE Genetic Health Signature offering for practically everyone to be fully aware of their genetic health, go for Preventive measures including nutrition planning based on Nutrigenomics to manage the anomalies and take expert advice much in advance of the diseases setting in. Transplantation & Nutrigenomics.

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HEMATO PREGEN, Predictive Health Signature report, is a PREDICTIVE GENETIC ANALYSIS based on Transcriptomics – Next Generation Sequencing of the RNA extracted from the Primary Stem Cells, clinically processed from the Peripheral Blood sample of the customer at HEMATO Lab.  It is, therefore, the most exhaustive and comprehensive PREDICTIVE analysis of the gene expression profile captured at the origin.
HEMATO PREGEN provides a detailed analysis of potential ailments and medical conditions that can impact the person in his or her lifetime. It also detects existing diseases and conditions. The report provides much-needed detail to the person to consult the appropriate medical professionals for guidance to enable preventive measures being put in place. These measures can include systematic checks, lifestyle changes, diet specific improvements and much more.

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HEMATOCRYO is a world-class and unique stem cell CRYOstorage offering of HEMATO.

HEMATOCRYO is your TRUSTED Partner in providing a much-needed advanced facility to you and your loved once to CRYOstore Healthy Stem Cells for approved treatment of 100+ of medical conditions and 1000s more under various stages of clinical trials including a few which were earlier considered not curable.

CRYOstorage is undertaken in Vaporized Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) environment, maintained at -196oC. The medically TRUSTED process of Controlled Rate Freezing is used to gradually take the stem cells, extracted at normal room temperature, down in steps to the extreme sub-freezing temperature of -196oC  required for effective CRYOstorage.

HEMATOCRYO is a Powerful Practice to keep stem cells viable, with a level of 90%+ Vitality level, for even10 years from time they are CRYOstored. The process requires addition of appropriate cryoprotectant, a substance used to protect biological tissue from freezing damage, in a “Specific” mix depending upon the type and condition of the stem cells to be CRYOstored.

With HEMATOCRYO, CRYOstorage of stem cells can be for as short a period as 48 hours to 1 or more weeks, going up to months and as long as 10 years.

Step up with HEMATOCRYO. It’s a life-saver. Take charge!

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HEMATO HSCT is an Exclusive and First of its kind offer in providing the world's best services for Onco-Hematologists, Patients, and Medical support teams in affordable & economical ways.
HEMATO has the bandwidth to offer cell therapies for both autologous and allogenic HSCT, as single-cell selection patented algorithms (CD34+, TCR alpha/beta, CD 19 Depleted cells) through FDA approved CLINIMACS.
HEMATO HSCT is an affordable solution with interim cryopreservation of the samples based on the proven clinical data as additional features handling a variety of processed cell types.   

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