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HEMATOCRYO is a world-class and unique stem cell CRYOstorage offering of HEMATO.

Living beings are made up of stem cells. Stem cells are the body's raw materials — cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. Their regeneration capabilities lead to growth of life and conditions leading to inhibition of their natural functions causes diseases. Those who are healthy, have a robust and strong environment within their bodies, to enable the proper function of stem cells. With advancements in understanding stem cells, it is now possible to store Healthy Stem Cells to be used as and when required for various treatments, procedures and therapies, on the recommendation of a seasoned practitioner.

Stem Cells are Living Organisms. They need a specific environment, as provided by the body, to be able to perform their function. It is therefore, a highly specialized medical process for CRYOstorage of your stem cells for short, medium and long terms ranging from a few days to 10 years and even beyond. Typically, stem cells, if nor properly CRYOstored will become ineffective in 72 hours.

The process of CRYOstorage can ONLY be undertaken by specialized facilities which not only have the physical components for CRYOstorage but also qualified and experienced resources for clinically processing the stem cells at all times, starting from preparing them for CRYOstorage, ensuring the viability for the duration of storage and at the time when they are required to be used for treatment.

The process of CRYOstorage can be best understood by focusing on the three sections separately.

The first section is of preparing the stem cells for CRYOstorage. It includes performing the Quality Check on the received sample to know the vitality level as only those cells with near 100% vitality are preferred to be CRYOstored. Post QC, the process involves extraction of stem cells from the sample for CRYOstorage. What is CRYOstorage

The medically accepted standard for best CRYOstorage is under an environment of Vaporized Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) which is maintained at -196 o C. It is important to note that at this stage the stem cells are at normal room temperature and if they are directly taken to an extremely sub-freezing temperature, most of them will die and become ineffective for any use when required. To mitigate this situation, medically TRUSTED process of Controlled Rate Freezing is used to gradually take the stem cells, extracted at normal room temperature, down in steps to the extreme sub-freezing temperature of -196 o C required for effective CRYOstorage. It requires addition of appropriate cryoprotectant, a substance used to protect biological tissue from freezing damage, in a “Specific” mix depending upon the type and condition of the stem cells to be CRYOstored. As is evident that this part of the process is highly critical for the long-term survivability of the stem cells. Trusted CRYOstorage.

The second section covers the periodic monitoring of CRYOstored samples. It is again a specialized task performed by specialists to ensure the environment is fully controlled to sustain the temperature levels of -196 o C essential for maintaining >90% vitality levels.

The third section is for the period when all or part of the CRYOstored sample has to be prepared for use for any treatment. The stem cells have to be made ready by removing the cryoprotectant, managing the change on temperature and then delivering them to the point of application, such that it can be used at as required by the practitioner.

HEMATOCRYO is recommended for everyone – for healthy or those suffering from any disease and even one’s who are cured, an adult or child, man or woman, young or old. It is your TRUSTED Partner in providing a much-needed advanced facility to you and your loved ones to CRYOstore Healthy Stem Cells for approved treatment of 100+ of medical conditions and 1000s more under various stages of clinical trials including a few which were earlier considered not curable. It is always best to CRYOstore your own stem cells derived from peripheral blood or bone marrow, the largest sources of Adult Stem cells to secure your health future. Your stem cells not only benefit you but can also be of use for your children, siblings, parents forming the part of your genetic family tree. Is HEMATOCRYO for you.

The testing times of COVID-19 have shown that even people having healthy physique are prone to acquiring diseases owing to their genetic susceptibility to acquire diseases. Many were hospitalized and some lost their lives. In order to overcome ordeals concerning health, HEMATOCRYO is a powerful practice to CRYOstore your own stem cells that can be used later on in life to combat various ailments.

Stem cells are in use for over 40 years for various kinds of cancers of blood. They are also increasingly being preferred for treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cardiac Myopathies, a few Gynecological issues, Neurodevelopmental conditions, Spinal conditions among other medical conditions. CRYOstored stem cells.

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