HEMATOCRYO is recommended for everyone

The testing times of COVID-19 have shown that even people having healthy physique are prone to acquiring diseases owing to their genetic susceptibility to acquire diseases. Many were hospitalized and some lost their lives. In order to overcome ordeals concerning health, HEMATOCRYO is a powerful practice to CRYOstore your own stem cells that can be used later on in life to combat various ailments.

HEMATOCRYO is a MUST for anyone with a family history of chronic diseases. The root cause for such diseases is genetic anomalies that tend to manifest across generations. Every subsequent generation is at a risk of acquiring such and more genetic diseases. CRYOstorage is recommended for those who are already suffering from a chronic disease or have been cured of a serious medical condition which led to considerable reduction of thein immunity. CRYOstorage is highly recommended for Cancer patients, in particular those with cancers pf blood, who have reached a stage of remission or recovery phase but may face relapses or have chances of cancer becoming worse again in the future. In fact, it is considered irreplaceable for those undergoing chemotherapy/radiation and in particular High Dose Chemotherapy (HDC) as these procedures can destroy the stem cell forming bone marrow and a stem cell transplant for enabling regeneration of stem cells in the body becomes inevitable.

HEMATOCRYO is of great value proposition for those in the field of Medical Tourism. India is a destination for treatment for a very large number of patients from more than 100 countries across the world. For most of these patients, it would be highly beneficial to have their Healthy Stem Cells CRYOstored for long period as a mitigation step for any serious ailment that they may get because of compromised immunity. HEMATOCRYO offers great value for money spent for such CRYOstorage.

In general, HEMATOCRYO is for the healthy or those suffering from any disease and even one’s who are cured, an adult or child, man or woman, young or old. It is your TRUSTED Partner in providing a much-needed advanced facility to you and your loved ones to CRYOstore Healthy Stem Cells for approved treatment of 100+ of medical conditions and 1000s more under various stages of clinical trials including a few which were earlier considered not curable.

It is always best to CRYOstore your own stem cells derived from peripheral blood or bone marrow, the largest sources of Adult Stem cells to secure your health future. Your stem cells not only benefit you but can also be of use for your children, siblings, parents forming the part of your genetic family tree.