What is CRYOstored

HEMATOCRYO is primarily of Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) and is specific cases, even Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are multipotent adult stem cells that give rise to all mature blood cell lineages. HSCs can be isolated from Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are stromal cells that have the ability to self-renew and also exhibit multilineage differentiation. MSCs can be isolated from a variety of tissues, such as umbilical cord tissue, bone marrow, adipose tissue and even other areas such as endometrial polyps, menses blood, etc.

The process of extracting the sample from Peripheral Blood is called Apheresis. Typically, Apheresis is preceded with Mobilization which is mostly required to enhance the volume of WBCs in the blood for a concentrated yield from the sample. Stem cells are isolated from the sample, then taken through the TRUSTED Controlled Rate Freezing process, addition of cryoprotectant and then CRYOstored under a Vapour LN 2 environment at -196 O C. Trusted CRYOstorage.

HEMATOCRYO should be done as a prophylactic or preventive measure to sail through the difficult times.

As an example, for cases of cancers of blood, there are two options to extract the sample. Autologous, where the sample is taken form the patient while Allogeneic is the procedure where the sample is provided by a Donor verified using HLA process to ensure genetic compatibility with the patient for a Transplant. The sample is extracted from Peripheral Blood or Bone Marrow.

For both, Autologous and Allogeneic HSCT Procedures, the advanced western medical markets consider TRUSTED CRYOstorage of sample under -196 O C in a Vapour LN 2 environment as an integral part of treatment process for safeguarding Patient’s interest to have access to healthy stem cell as when required and even for a tandem (autologous only) or relapse process.

HEMATOCRYO is now offering the same level of TRUSTED CRYOstorage facility to hospitals and hematologists to proactively CRYOstore the samples of their patient, irrespective of Autologous or Allogeneic HSCT processes.