HEMATO PREGEN is for everyone as Genetic Anomalies can cause diseases which lead to morbidity and mortality.

HEMATO PREGEN is strongly recommended for those who have confirmed family history of Serious Chronic Diseases and other genetic anomalies such as Type 1 Diabetes, Heart Failures, Neuro Diseases, Gynae conditions and any type of cancer/tumour or other genetic conditions. These conditions can be from either of the parent’s genetic tree including parents themselves, grand-parents, siblings and even extended families of uncles and aunts. Medical Conditions.


HEMATO PREGEN should be taken by those who are suffering from any of the chronic diseases or known genetic anomaly. It is also recommended for ones who have since been cured of any such condition or disease. This is important as while the disease is/was in the body, it was immuno-compromised i.e., it has/had become weaker allowing possibility of inherent genetic anomalies, if they exist, to be triggered by an external factor. It can also happen due to strong and aggressive treatments such as strong medicines, radiation and chemo procedures/treatments and more.

The COVID pandemic has shown that many people who lost their lives or were severely ill were actually with good physical health and were not having any serious diseases. Many of them were regular at gyms, exercising and even maintain good diet and lifestyle. For most of such cases, the logical explanation is Genetic Anomalies which were triggered and lead to medical condition(s) which resulted in extensive and expensive treatment including hospitalization or even death.

HEMATO PREGEN Predicts Genetic Anomalies and those can be hidden in a Healthy person as well as those unwell, suffering from medical condition and diseases. It is beneficial for even those cured. There is no age factor and even those past their prime can go for this test. For Kids, it can be taken from the age of 5 years. It is effective for those with a Strong physical structure and others with a weaker body build. The test is individual specific and its results are not impacted by the person being Married or Unmarried.

HEMATO PREGEN is gender agnostic and both, Men and Women can opt for it. It is STRICTLY NOT recommended for pregnant women.

HEMATO PREGEN is definitely recommended for those who have Addiction of Smoking or Alcoholism in their family as there are specific genes to predict possibility of addiction. It is even recommended for those who have given up these habits to ascertain the impact within the genetic system.

Anyone can get their 5ml peripheral blood extracted in a EDTA tube from any local lab/hospital and the tube will be collected by HEMATO logistics (date and time to be confirmed 72 hours in advance) to deliver to GMP Certified HEMATO labs at Hyderabad, India, for further processing. How to get HEMATO PREGEN.

HEMATO PREGEN only ONCE in your lifetime.