PREDICTIVE Genetic Analysis

HEMATO PREGEN is one of its kind, comprehensive, most exhaustive PREDICTIVE Genetic Analysis of the genetic material (RNA/DNA) in our body to identify the Genetic Anomalies that cause up to 90% of the genetic diseases in humans.

The COVID pandemic has shown that many people who lost their lives or were severely ill were actually with good physical health and were not having any serious diseases. Many of them were regular at gyms, exercising and even maintain good diet and lifestyle. For most of such cases, the logical explanation is Genetic Anomalies which were triggered and lead to medical condition(s) which resulted in extensive and expensive treatment including hospitalization or even death.

HEMATO PREGEN is PREDICTIVE and provides genetic analysis of 20,000+ genes, which practically covers the whole human body. The cells are derived from genetic material (RNA/DNA), extracted from Primary Stem Cells obtained from only 5ml peripheral blood.

HEMATO PREGEN uses GenePoweRx NGS engine, which uses ML and AI and is approved by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA. GenePoweRx manages the humongous data generated by Transcriptome sequencing and as it requires next-generation sequencing (NGS) methodology and techniques for detailed analyses.

The genetic material is extracted from PRIMARY Stem Cells, which are the most suitable source for extracting the relevant genetic information. They are far more effective than the normally used Epithelial Cells, e.g., from Saliva/Mouth, as the epithelial cells are already differentiated and cannot offer the extent of details required for such a comprehensive genetic analysis.

There are many Genetic Tests offered in the market BUT they are Diagnostic in nature and NOT Predictive i.e., the test is specifically taken to confirm the diagnosis of an existing disease in the body. They are mostly based on Targeted Sequencing i.e., genetic analysis of DNA for only that small part of the body or an organ as required for the diagnosis. Some advanced and expensive Genetic tests are meant for enhanced diagnosis such as the multiple gene panel tests for cancer and tend to use the advanced Whole Exome Sequencing, but are limited to 150, 400, 700 gene, relevant for that diagnosis only. In short, all such tests are predominantly used for supporting the diagnosis of the disease and none of them are PREDICTIVE in nature. Genetic Sequencing.

HEMATO PREGEN uses Transcriptomics. To put that into perspective, Genomics provides an overview of the complete set of genetic instructions provided by the DNA, while transcriptomics looks into gene expression patterns. Transcriptomics encompasses everything relating to RNAs. This includes their transcription and expression levels, functions, locations, trafficking, and degradation. It also includes the structures of transcripts and their parent genes with regard to start sites, 5′ and 3′ end sequences, splicing patterns, and posttranscriptional modifications.

HEMATO PREGEN Predictive Genetic Analysis Report is highly exhaustive. It gives indication of genetic predisposition towards specific health conditions, allowing informed decisions to be taken for diet, lifestyle, disease monitoring and health check-ups. The analysis covers 90% of diseases caused by Genetic Anomalies with 99% accuracy. Most Serious Chronic Diseases are covered including Diabetes, Heart conditions, Cancers, Neuro issues, Gynae complications, Musculoskeletal challenges, and many more. MEDICAL Conditions.

HEMATO PREGEN is for everyone. Healthy, those with and even cured of medical condition and diseases; Young and Old; Kids and Adults; Strong and Weak; Addicted, Teetotallers, ones who have given up on smoking/drinking; Married and Unmarried; Men and Women. It is Strictly NOT recommended for pregnant women. It is strongly recommended for those with family history of Serious Chronic Diseases and other genetic anomalies leading to morbidity and mortality in their immediate and extended families. It also benefits those suffering from or cured of such diseases to be aware of other conditions that may impact them as their body has been immuno-compromised.  Is Hemato Pregen for you.

HEMATO PREGEN is Exclusive, Effective, Efficient and Best Value for Money option for everyone.Once in your Lifetime. It can take up to 45 days to produce the comprehensive HEMATO PREGEN Predictive Genetic Analysis report. How to get Hemato Pregen.

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