The educated and even the uneducated are now keen to have a thorough understanding of their health, existing medical conditions, and the capability of their body to withstand and fight a host of medical conditions that may arise with age, lifestyle, environmental impact, and unexpected contingencies such as the ongoing global pandemic.

While the general trend continues to identify or manage the existing medical conditions, everyone is seeking a "predictive" and "omics" understanding of their body to know the whole picture and then monitor the potential anomalies such that they can be prevented from becoming a serious or chronic condition in future. 

Prevention is always Much Better than Expensive Cure.

HEMATO PREGEN is an exclusive and highly accurate (99%+) "PREDICTIVE" Analysis of over 90% of the diseases that can impact us based on our genetic build-up. It uses the GenePoweRx NGS engine, approved by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA to analyze the RNA obtained from "Primary Stem Cells" extracted from the person's own Peripheral Blood Sample to "PREDICT" Signatures and detect existing conditions too. HEMATO PREGEN is the most exhaustive and comprehensive PREDICTIVE omics of the gene expression profile captured at the origin.

HEMATO PREGEN report covers prediction for conditions such as Gynae - Atherosclerosis, Osteoporosis, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and others; Obesity and other Fat/metabolism-related conditions; Heart, Diabetes, and range of Chronic conditions;  Onco - Cancers of solid organs and blood-related conditions; Arthritis, Rheumatisms, and other Bone and skeletal issues; and many more. There is a special section providing information about the nutritional state of the body including deficiencies for planning a proper and balanced diet. 

HEMATO PREGEN provides much-needed detail to the person to consult the appropriate medical professionals for guidance to enable preventive measures being put in place. These measures can include systematic checks, lifestyle changes, diet-specific improvements, HEMATOCRYO, and much more. These are far more effective than going in for a Cure when the medical condition becomes a reality.

HEMATO PREGEN analysis report is a MUST post the pandemic to ascertain one's own genetic status to get the right consultation, if required, as also to plan for appropriate Medical Insurance cum Safety Budget.  

HEMATO PREGEN that is for everyone - Healthy and Unwell, Strong and Weak, Old and Young, Men and Women (except Pregnant women) and even kids (preferably post 5yrs) 

HEMATO PREGEN is Economical, Effective, and Efficient and helps to take an informed decision on Predictive Health Signature.