Founder and CEO

S Dravida, PhD

Subhadra Dravida, PhD is the Founder of the Transcell Group of companies. She is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Transcell Biologics, an innovative biotech company based out of Hyderabad, India and subsidiaries, Transcell Biolife and Transcell Oncologics. The organization has continuous discovery and process development as its central theme in delivering unique disruptive stem cell-based solutions for treating chronic and debilitating diseases that have otherwise no options available to manage.

Dr. Dravida is an entrepreneurial technocrat of global standing having worked in the USA< Canada, an India in the domains of stem cell research/bio-banking and product development (University of North Carolina USA; Ottawa Health Research Institute, Canada; Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology and Hyderabad Eye Research Foundation in Hyderabad). She has a unique blend of skills in the wet lab, from product development to managing a business.

Dr. Dravida leads the team and collaborations responsible for discovering druggable formulations across the therapeutic areas and human surrogate in vitro cell/tissue micro physiological platforms for testing safety, the efficacy of pharma and biopharmaceuticals. Her role requires converging and executing both, laboratory and clinical research programs across touchpoints.

Dr. Dravida has rich experience in adult stem cells technologies, predictive platform development and screening, large-scale preparations of primary cells, tumorospheres, low throughput, and high throughput platform technologies, cancer progenitor cells, cryopreservation technology, big data, drug discover, pre-discover process, etc.